Over twenty years ago, when the company was established, engineering lighting equipment at GRIVEN wasn't just another business, it turned out to be an opportunity to come into contact with a new form of art instead.
International recognition arrived in the early nineties and kept growing steadily by the regular release of innovative and original light effects. The overriding ambition was to search for lighting solutions where the highest design standards, efficiency and flexibility would always remain core values of the proudly Made in Italy excellence.
The newly developed Solid-State Lighting technology stretched the boundaries of applicable solutions and disclosed previously unexplored dimensions. The improved combination of sustainability and performance has revealed functional and groundbreaking elements that represent the foundation of all our latest collections.
Every urban context - whether it is historic or modern architecture, corporate or private buildings - can gain new identity and symbolic value by means of a multidisciplinary lighting education approach. Our entertainment industry know-how and fresh architectural lighting perception are implemented through a series of digital technology products for modular, wall-washing, recessed, underwater, linear and pixel lighting applications.
Our continued cooperation with the most renowned lighting designers and architects of different cultural backgrounds has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the development of functional or decorative custom-made quality products that help re-define the space we live in with eco-friendly and energy saving solutions.
GRIVEN undertakes the next challenges that call for the design of an advanced though sustainable range of lighting equipment which should also be regarded as a crucial medium for wellbeing, user comfort and an even more aesthetically pleasing environment without compromising future generations.